maandag 2 januari 2017

New bird species added to AGAMI database

Blue-naped Chlorophonia, Marc Guyt /

One of AGAMI's goals is to provide high quality images of all bird species of the world. An ambitious project no doubt, but one we are keen to make it happen in due course.

Work for this project is already some time underway and many 100's of species have been added in the last months, including some rare and rarely photographed species. Via this blog we will keep you updated about our progress.

Images of the following species have been added recently:
- Papuan Frogmouth
- Carpentarian Grasswren
- Red Goshawk
- Auckland Islands Teal
- Galah
- Erect-crested Penguin
- Chatham Albatross
- Campbell Islands Shag
- Slender-billed flufftail
- Yellow-bellied sunbird-asity
- Koepcke's Screech Owl
- Junin Grebe
- Santa Marta Antpitta
- Golden-backed Mountain Tanager
- Black Rosy-Finch
- Cooper's Hawk
- Magnolia Warbler
- White-browed Antbird
- Blue-rumped Pitta
- Cambodian Tailorbird
- Timor Sparrow
- Mekong Wagtail
- Togian Hawk-owl
- Bugun Liocichla
- Lear's Macaw

Cambodian Tailerbird, Dubi Shapiro /

Many more species will be added in the coming month when we work our way through our backlog. Stay tunned!